Inverter Series Generator 3.8kw - 4.5kw

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  • Type Inverter Series
  • SKU CPGI3800E

Unleash the power of innovation with the CPGI3800E Inverter Generator – a masterful blend of cutting-edge construction and unparalleled functionality. Driven by the potent NH225-2 engine, boasting a 224cc displacement, this powerhouse delivers a formidable 4.5hp and a torque of 12.5 Nm, making it a versatile choice for boating adventures, emergency power, busy construction sites and home projects.

This dynamic generator doesn't just stop at power – it's a statement of endurance and efficiency, providing an impressive 7-hour runtime at 50% load while maintaining noise emissions under the 70 dBA threshold. Weighing in at a robust 32.5kg and featuring dimensions of 65 x 37 x 61 cm, it stands ready to redefine your expectations. Fuelled by a substantial 7.8-litre tank, the CPGI3800E is your steadfast companion in the pursuit of reliable and enduring power. Welcome to a new era of generator excellence!