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Get ready to meet your new mowing sidekick: the Compact ZTR 35! As Australia's leading lawnmower brand, COX has designed this ultimate Zero Turn Mower to tackle even the toughest grass and keep your lawn looking its best. With its sleek design and compact size (just 940mm wide for the 35" Model), this mower can breeze through standard backyard entrances without a hitch.

Let's talk performance - it's like having one of our top-notch COX ride-on mowers right in your backyard! Plus, with easy lever-controlled steering, you'll be cruising around your yard like a pro. Say goodbye to ordinary mowing and hello to a whole new level of lawn care with the Compact ZTR 35. Ready to upgrade your mowing game? It's time to revolutionise the way you maintain your lawn!!


Discover the cutting-edge COX ZTR Cruiser series, now available in 42", 48", and 52" models. These Zero Turn Mowers are revolutionising the industry with innovative features crafted from the ground up.

With the legendary COX Proprietary front scallop deck entry and a pivoting front axle for unmatched manoeuvrability, each model ensures superior performance. Powered by COX VTwin engines and equipped with Hydro-Gear ZT3100 serviceable transmissions, these mowers are built to conquer any terrain with ease.

Upgrade your mowing experience today with the COX ZTR Cruiser series!

Compact ZTR 35

  1. Enjoy up to 9 hours of continuous mowing with Dual Fuel Tanks.
  2. Achieve greater operator control and flexibility with Hand Controlled Twin Levers.
  3. Experience enhanced durability and longevity with the Full-Length Robotically Welded Frame
    Design featuring high-strength steel rails.
  4. Gain increased traction and stability thanks to the Unique Pivoting Front Axle.
  5. Easily navigate obstacles and adjust cutting height effortlessly with Fabricated Height Adjustment and Foot Assist.
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A look into the Compact ZTR 35

The all new Cruiser ZTR

  1. Enjoy a rugged and easy-to-grip deck floor for added stability.
  2. Built to last with a durable cast iron spindle housing.
  3. Keep mowing for longer with a 20-litre fuel tank, providing up to 10 hours of continuous mowing.
  4. Effortlessly adjust cutting height with easy lift and foot-operated height adjustment.
  5. Enhance safety with the optional ROPS (Roll Over Protection System) available.
  6. Stay connected and charged with a built-in USB charger.
  7. Experience operational comfort with fully adjustable steering levers.
  8. Conveniently store tools and accessories with the integrated storage box.
  9. Navigate uneven terrain with ease thanks to the pivoting front axle, providing increased
    traction and slope stability.
  10. Illuminate your path with the integrated LED headlight for improved visibility in low-light conditions.
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Compact ZTR 35 and ZTR Cruiser Mowers

Discover your next Zero Turn Ride-On Mower - Compact 35 and Cruiser Models available in sizes 42, 48 and 52.

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