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Explore the power of progress with COX Power - where ingenuity meets energy.

COX Power Inverter Generators stand as a testament to our commitment to innovation and efficiency. Our Generators have heavy duty, reliable engines matched to high-performance electrical generator sets. From remote worksites to camping adventures, emergency backup at home, or powering outdoor events, our generators are versatile enough to meet a spectrum of needs.

Whether you're in construction, camping, event management, or residential use, our inverter generators provide a reliable and portable power source.

As you navigate the diverse landscape of power solutions, consider COX Power as your trusted ally. Our commitment to excellence, reliability, and innovation positions us as the premier choice for inverter generators in Australia.

How much power do i need when choosing an electric start or inverter series generator. Graphic shows images of household, recreation and job site recommended power needed to run certain household appliances and power tools. How much power do i need from a generator to run household, recreation and job site appliances and tools

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2.2kw - 4.5kw Inverter Series Generators All Backed By our 4 Year Warranty Guarantee.