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For the lawn lovers out there dreaming of turning their backyard into a pristine bowling green, our Professional range of cylinder mowers is the way to go! These mowers are like the secret weapon for achieving that flawlessly smooth cut you've always wanted.

With their sleek design and top-notch engineering, our cylinder mowers are built to last and ensure your lawn looks picture-perfect every time. You can choose from cutting widths ranging from 14" to 25", and they're powered by super reliable Briggs & Stratton four-stroke engines. Plus, there are three different high-tensile blade cutting systems to pick from, so you can get the exact finish you're after.

Say hello to the satisfaction of having a lawn that looks like it belongs on a professional sports field with our Professional cylinder mowers!

Cylinder 14, 17, 20 & 25

  1. Enjoy hassle-free grass collection with our generous 30-50L capacity all-steel catchers.
  2. Experience durability with long-life sealed bearings featuring grease nipples mounted in cast iron housings.
  3. Manoeuvre smoothly and precisely with the robust steel front roller.
  4. Ensure exceptional traction on any terrain with the differential split ribbed rubber rear drive roller.
  5. Effortlessly engage blades and move around your lawn with the easy-engage centrifugal clutch.
  6. Achieve tailored results for your lawn with the micro height adjuster, offering cutting heights from 5mm to 35mm.
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