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Power up your outdoors with sustainable COX Chippers/Shredders.

Our chipper/shredder range showcases advanced technology and robust construction, providing a solution for effortlessly transforming yard waste into valuable mulch.

Ideal for residential use to professional landscapers, our chippers and shredders offer versatility and performance. With varying cutting capacities and efficient engines, these chippers/shredders effortlessly process branches and debris, producing high-quality mulch that enriches soil and enhances your garden.

Choose from our selection of reliable and efficient wood chippers/shredders to elevate your landscaping efforts and contribute to a sustainable outdoor environment.

COX Vertical Chippers at a glance

Recycle, Reduce, Revegetate

The latest Piecemaker boasts a convenient push-button easy-start alongside a recoil pull start combo. Crafted with robust all-metal construction, these models are engineered for endurance, compact in build while delivering powerful performance. Transform your garden waste into valuable reprocessed mulch and effortlessly manage fibrous materials like palm fronds.

Equipped with our mess-free catching system as a standard feature, it's a breeze to distribute mulch across the garden with minimal cleanup required. The broad hopper accommodates leaves and branches up to 40 mm in size.


  1. Wide hopper for leaves and branches up to 40mm.
  2. No-Mess High-speed discharge and Catcher system.
  3. Class leading 225cc COX engine, with push button electric and/or recoil start options.
  4. Crankshaft Protection - 35mm 1350kg load-rated bearing unit.
  5. Quick Release Clamshell design making cleaning and blade rotation quick and easy.
  6. Long-life Double-edge carbon steel blades. Can be reversed and resharpened.
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Vertical Chipper

  1. Self Feeding, Oversized Intake Bin Capable Of Waste Up To 100mm.
  2. Power Feed Chipper Drum Drawing In Branches Up To 10m Per Minute.
  3. 50mm Tow Hitch (Available on the 13.5HP).
  4. Ignition Key Electric Start.
  5. Swivel Heads Allows You To Direct Waste Where You Need It (13.5HP Model Only).
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Chippers and Shredders

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