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Our extensive range of manual and powered Professional Log splitters - available in 12T Man, 12T, 27T,32T and 37T are designed to split your gnarly wood chunks, branch crotches, end cuts and firewood logs with ease, ensuring maximum efficiency and optimal productivity. The manual 12T is perfect to have as a stand by on your ute’s tray and the hydraulic units range from 12T through to 37T operating both horizontally and vertically.

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Log Splitter

  1. Flip-Up Forward Stand With Spring-Loaded Lock.
  2. Standard 50mm Tow Hitch On 27T, 32T and 37T.
  3. Vertical And Horizontal Operation On 27T, 32T and 37T.
  4. Auto Return Valve On 27T, 32T and 37T.
  5. Built-In Log Cradle For Safer Splitting On 27T, 32T, 37T.
  6. Pneumatic Tyres.
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