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Discover our comprehensive selection of manual and powered Professional Log Splitters, designed to handle even the toughest wood chunks, branch crotches, end cuts, and firewood logs with ease. Available in a variety of capacities including 12T Man, 12T, 27T, 32T, and 37T, our log splitters ensure maximum efficiency and productivity.

Whether you need a portable solution for your Ute’s tray or a hydraulic unit for heavy-duty splitting, we've got you covered. Our manual 12T model is perfect for standby use, while our hydraulic units range from 12T to 37T and operate both horizontally and vertically, providing versatility for any splitting task.

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Log Splitter

  1. Flip-Up Forward Stand with Spring-Loaded Lock: Ensures stability and easy manoeuvrability during operation.
  2. Standard 50mm Tow Hitch on 27T, 32T, and 37T: Allows for easy transport.
  3. Vertical and Horizontal Operation on 27T, 32T, and 37T: Provides versatility to tackle different types of splitting tasks.
  4. Auto Return Valve on 27T, 32T, and 37T: Streamlines operation by automatically resetting the splitter after each split.
  5. Built-In Log Cradle for Safer Splitting on 27T, 32T, 37T: Supports logs during splitting, reducing the risk of accidents.
  6. Pneumatic tyres: Ensures smooth movement and manoeuvrability on various terrains, enhancing user experience.
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