Compact ZTR 35

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  • Type Compact ZTR 35
  • SKU CZ24C35

Our Compact ZTR 35 will easily fit through most backyard entrances, as it measures only 940mm wide (35" model).

At last, a Zero Turn mower that excels at both taming thick grass and nurturing your lawns! The Compact ZTR 35 effortlessly navigates through standard backyard entrances, measuring a mere 940mm in width (35″ Model).

Enjoy the exceptional cutting performance akin to our renowned COX ride-on mower range, enhanced by the convenience of lever-controlled steering that practically lets you pivot in place.

5 Features of the Compact ZTR 35

  1. Dual Fuel Tanks For Up To 9 Hours Of Continuous Mowing.
  2. Hand Controlled Twin Levers Allow The Operator To Change Direction For Greater Operator Control.
  3. Full-Length Robotically Welded Frame Design Has High-Strength Steel Rails For Added Strength And Long Life.
  4. Unique Pivoting Front Axle Gives Increased Traction And Stability.
  5. Fabricated Height Adjustment With Foot Assist For Quick Lift Over Obstacles And Low Effort Height Adjustment.