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COX Power embarked on its journey with a vision: to create the ultimate Australian-engineered mower. As time progressed, this vision evolved to encompass a diverse array of power equipment, including motors, water blasters, generators, and water pumps. Every COX Power product reflects our dedication to quality and suitability for the distinctive Australian environment. Backed by a nationwide dealer and spare parts network, you'll receive both the product and personalised service you deserve.

About our COX Power supplier - Zonsen

Zonsen has an extensive engineering history dating back to 1975, specialising in the production of motorbikes and motorbike engines. Expanding their expertise, in 1995, they diversified into manufacturing petrol engines for various general applications including mowers, pumps, and farming equipment. By August 2000, their portfolio expanded to encompass the production of pumps, generators, and pressure washers.

For the past three years, COX Industries has utilised Zonsen engines to power our Ride-On's and other machinery.

With a global presence, Zonsen currently operates in Europe, North America, Asia, and the Pacific regions. Notably, they have successfully distributed over 13 million engines solely within the United States.

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