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  • Type Wright Stander I

Commercial grade powerhouse that never gives up!

Compact & Manoeuvrable

Created to achieve peak productivity within a compact and lightweight footprint, the Stander® I embodies a wealth of features and robust power.  Possessing an agile design and balanced weight distribution the Intensity consistently delivers exceptional performance season after season.

Aero Core Deck

Equipped with one of today's most cutting-edge cutting decks, the groundbreaking Wright AERO CORE™ deck, the Stander I redefines mowing excellence. Every aspect of the deck is meticulously crafted to ensure unmatched cut quality, seamless turn-on-a-dime manoeuvrability, and the unwavering reliability you've come to anticipate from Wright.

STANDER I Features:

  • Suspension Platform: For a plush, comfortable ride. Elastomer springs are resilient and durable.
  • Cyclonic Air Filter: * Only on Kohler® Confidant® engines
  • Deck Level Adjustment: Tune in cut characteristics
  • Quick Select Deck Height: 1/4” increments from 1.5” to 5.5”
  • Sealed Caster Bearings: Saves time on maintenance.
  • Hydro-Gear® Transmissions: Reliable speed and torque on demand. Heavy-duty and commercial grade
  • Fully Floating Deck and Suspension Platform: Offers an upgrade from Fixed Deck frame
  • Engine Floats with the deck: Moving the engine with the deck means no excessive belt wear, whether cutting Bermuda Grass at 1.25” or St. Augustine Grass at 5”
  • Platform: Fully between the wheel motors, placing your weight precisely where it needs to be, which is critical to the balance of a narrow and nimble machine
  • Serrated Teeth on Deck Edge: Gathers grass for maximum cutting width.
  • Deck mechanics: Easily accessed
  • Compact size: Allows for a shorter and lighter mower

The Wright Stander I In Detail

  1. Kawasaki FX600 19HP.
  2. Deck Level Adjustment.
  3. Cutting Deck 42".
  4. Cutting Height 1.5" - 5".
  5. Hydro Gear 10cc Wheel Pump Motors.
  6. Suspension Platform.

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