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Take on your next season with the ultimate stand on mower!

Ultimate & Powerful

When we designed the Stander® ZK we held nothing back in its development! The result is the most productive and versatile large frame mower ever built. Big bore EFI engines offer substantial power without sacrificing efficiency. The high-flow hydraulics drive high-traction 23" or 24" tires, ensuring exceptional hill holding. Accompanied by dual-sided fuel tanks for all-day runtime, the Stander ZK is primed to conquer your upcoming season. It's unquestionably the ultimate stand-on mower.

Aero Core Deck

Embracing innovation, the Stander ZK is furnished with one of the most cutting-edge cutting decks in existence – the groundbreaking Wright AERO CORE™ deck. Each facet of this deck is meticulously engineered to provide unmatched cut quality, seamless turn-on-a-dime manoeuvrability, and the unwavering reliability that Wright is synonymous with.

Stander ZK Features:

  • The Stand On Advantage: The most ergonomic and productive mower type
  • Electronic Fuel Injection: Increased volumetric efficiency and therefore increased power and torque 
  • Suspension Platform: For a plush, comfortable ride. Elastomer springs are resilient and durable
  • Split Steel Pulleys: Long wearing and heavy duty
  • Sealed Caster Bearings: Saves time on maintenance
  • Debris Bag: No more trash in cup holders!
  • Ball Bearing Controls: Smooth and tactile feedback
  • 360 Degree Visibility: Avoid obstacles and trim closer, reducing trim time
  • Compact: More compact than a zero turn rider, yet much more productive and lightweight. Ideal for operations where good help is hard to find and a high performance machine can offset the need for more crews and trucks
  • Pumps: High capacity 16cc hydro pumps using large cooling fans to keep oil temperature down
  • Dual Wheel Option: Available for additional traction and awesomeness on the 72"
  • Duel Fuel Tanks: Tanks hold 15.5 gallons of fuel, reducing the need to fill up with portable gas cans
  • Deck Mechanics:  Easily accessed
  • Compact Size: Allows for a shorter and lighter mower
  • Push Button Deck Lift: 1/4* increment

Wright Stander ZK - The Ultimate!

  1. Dual Wheel Option Available For Extra Traction.
  2. Storage Bag As Standard.
  3. Easy Push Button Deck Lift Provides
    40 - 140mm Adjustment.
  4. 55L Fuel Capacity Providing 12+ Hours Run Time.
  5. Wright's Premier Aero Core Deck Design.
  6. Top Speed 22KPH.

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