Inverter Generator 3.5kw - 3.8kw

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  • Type Inverter Series
  • SKU CPGI3500

Introducing the CPGI3500 3.5kW Inverter Generator – your portable powerhouse available in both recoil and electric start options. Powered by the robust NH225 engine, boasting a 224cc displacement, 2.7hp power, and 12.5 Nm torque, this generator is engineered to deliver reliable power for a diverse range of applications. Weighing in at a manageable 34kg, this generator becomes your reliable companion, ensuring you have the power you need, wherever you are. Its versatile design allows you to easily power essentials, making it an ideal choice for various settings, from serene camping sites to bustling construction sites.

Step into a world of quiet efficiency with this generator, offering not just power but a soundscape suitable for any environment. The commercial-grade engine embedded within guarantees reliability and peace of mind, ensuring your power needs are consistently met. With its 8-litre fuel tank, this generator extends its operation, providing a continuous source of power for your convenience.

Boasting a remarkable 7.5-hour runtime at a 50% load, it stands as the ideal answer for powering through emergencies, tackling construction sites, facilitating remote work locations, enhancing outdoor experiences, and even accompanying you on boating adventures – providing steadfast power precisely where it is required. Unleash the potential of this Inverter Generator, and enjoy the freedom of consistent, portable power.