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The CP2000 is a powerhouse in pressure washing that's as lightweight as it is mighty! With a roaring 2000psi, this petrol-powered dynamo is your go-to solution for revitalising your home or small business.

Harnessing the raw power of the CPH150 engine, the CP2000 unleashes a torrential 6.8 litres per minute, blasting away grime and dirt with ease. Say goodbye to dull patios and lackluster pool areas – with the CP2000, they'll sparkle like never before!

Crafted with a cast iron liner and boasting full commercial construction, the CP2000 is built to withstand the toughest cleaning challenges. From stubborn house exteriors to grimy vehicles, this pressure washer delivers efficiency and longevity like no other, making every cleaning task a breeze.

But that's not all – Cox Power stands behind their product with an industry-leading 4-year warranty for both commercial and domestic use, ensuring peace of mind and unparalleled reliability. Say hello to a new era of cleaning power with the CP2000!