E-Start Generator 6.5kw - 8.5kw

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  • Type Electric Start Series
  • SKU CPG7000

Embark on a new era of power resilience with the CPG7000, our 6.5kW Generator, a relentless force that ensures your home, small business, or job site not only stays operational but thrives. At its core, the CPH420-1 engine defines power in every aspect. With a robust 420cc displacement, a commanding 15hp, and an impressive 25 Nm torque, this engine is a powerhouse. The 100% copper wound alternator symbolises efficiency, delivering a maximum power of 6.5 kW and a rated output of 6 kW.

Versatility is the essence of this generator, boasting a 9-hour runtime at 50% load and proudly showcasing a capacious 27-litre fuel tank. Whether it's emergency power, construction sites, business backups, remote work, agricultural ventures, or thrilling boating adventures – this generator stands ready for every challenge. Step into a future where power meets resilience, and reliability becomes the standard. Welcome to the revolution of power generation.