E-Start Generator 3.3kw - 5.5kw

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  • Type Electric Start Series
  • SKU CPG3300

Unleash the power of our 3.3kW Generator, your steadfast companion for a continuous power supply that keeps your home or small business brilliantly illuminated during unexpected emergencies or blackouts.

At the heart of this dynamic generator is the formidable CPH210 engine, a force to be reckoned with in the realm of power generation. With a 208cc displacement, a commanding 7hp power rating, and 11.5 Nm torque, it stands ready to deliver reliable and efficient energy production for a diverse range of applications. The 100% copper wound alternator takes efficiency to new heights, offering a maximum power of 3.3 kW and a steady output of 2.8 kW. Versatile and powerful, this generator guarantees an 11.5-hour runtime at 50% load, harmonising seamlessly with its substantial 15.8-litre fuel tank.

From emergency power needs to outdoor activities, it's your ideal solution for uninterrupted power. Embrace reliability, embrace power – your energy revolution begins here.