Commercial Pressure Washers

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  • Type Pressure Washers
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Prepare to witness the unmatched cleaning power of the CP3600, a petrol-powered pressure washer engineered to obliterate dirt and grime with an astounding 3600psi of pure pressure! Featuring a full crank pump system, this machine is designed to deliver unrivalled cleaning performance, making it the go-to choice for commercial use.

With its commercial-grade CPH270 engine under the hood and an impressive flow rate of 12.5 litres per minute, the CP3600 is built to withstand the toughest cleaning tasks in heavy commercial environments. With it's portable design, cast iron liner and full commercial construction, you can be sure the CP3600 will deliver exceptional cleaning results every time.

Backed by Cox Power's industry-leading 4-year warranty, the CP3600 offers not just power and performance, but also peace of mind. Whether you're tackling tough jobs at a construction site, maintaining commercial vehicles, or cleaning industrial machinery, the CP3600 is the ultimate solution for blasting through dirt and grime with ease.

Designed specifically for heavy commercial use, the CP3600 is the perfect companion for any professional cleaner or business owner looking to achieve superior cleaning results quickly and efficiently. Say goodbye to dirt – the CP3600 is here to revolutionise your cleaning experience!