26hp Vertical Shaft Engine - Heavy Duty Filter

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  • Type Vertical Shaft Engines
  • SKU CPV750-2

The CPV750-2 is a powerhouse embodying a robust 26hp electric start engine and fortified with a heavy-duty air filter. This engine stands as a testament to complete commercial-grade construction, featuring a durable cast iron cylinder liner, delivering the essential power and torque required for commercial ride-on mowers and zero-turn mowers.

At its core, the CPV750-2 boasts a 750cc displacement and a formidable 18 kW/26 HP, designed with precision in mind. The engine features an 82x71 mm cylinder bore and a 1” keyway shaft, ensuring not just efficiency but also unwavering reliability in performance. With a maximum output speed of 3900 r/min and a torque of 51 N.m, the CPV750-2 is a powerhouse ready to tackle the most demanding tasks. The E-start system adds a touch of convenience, complemented by a 2L oil capacity suitable for SAE 10W-30 oil.

Measuring 670x500x585 mm and weighing 44.5 kg, the CPV750-2 is not just a machine; it's a standard-setter. It proudly meets CE, Euro V, EPA, and CARB standards, ensuring that it aligns with the highest industry benchmarks. With its dynamic capabilities and adherence to quality standards, the CPV750-2 emerges as a leader, ready to power your machinery with precision and strength.

The CPV750-2 emerges as a stellar replacement for esteemed models like the Vanguard 23HP V-Twin Vertical Shaft Petrol Engine, Vanguard 26HP V-Twin Vertical Shaft Petrol Engine, Briggs & Stratton 27HP V-Twin Vertical Shaft engine, and Kohler CV740 25HP Lawnmower Engine.