5hp Horizontal Shaft Engine 5/8”

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  • Type Horizontal Shaft Engines
  • SKU CPH150-4

The CPH150-4 stands as a rugged and versatile engine crafted to meet the demands of a diverse range of equipment applications. Featuring a substantial 163cc displacement and an impressive 3.2 kW/5 hp rating, this engine excels in heavy-duty tasks. Key attributes include a 68x45 mm cylinder bore and a 5/8" PTO shaft, optimizing power transmission for heightened performance.

Operating at a maximum output speed of 3900 r/min and generating a torque of 10 N.m, the CPH150-4 ensures efficient and potent operation. With a 0.6L oil capacity, compatible with SAE 10W-30 oil, the engine is well-equipped for durability. Additionally, it comes with a substantial 3.9L fuel tank. Measuring 420x355x390 mm and weighing 15 kg, this engine holds certifications from CE, EPA, EC(V), and CARB, underscoring its commitment to quality standards. Serving as an outstanding replacement for models like the Honda GX100 and Briggs & Stratton 3.5hp XR Pro Series, the CPH150-4 offers a reliable and powerful alternative.