37hp Vertical Shaft Engine - Electric Start

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  • Type Vertical Shaft Engines
  • SKU CPV1000-1

Meet the CPV1000-1, an engine meticulously crafted for lawn mowers, pushing the boundaries with its impressive 999cc displacement and a powerhouse rating of 24 kW/37 HP, setting the stage for unparalleled high-performance output. Its design, featuring a 90x78.5 mm cylinder bore and a robust 1 1/8” keyway shaft, ensures not just power but also precision in every operation. This engine dances effortlessly with a maximum speed of 3900 r/min and a torque of 71 N.m, showcasing its capability to tackle the most demanding tasks.

Step into the future with the CPV1000-1, where the convenience of an E-start system meets the reliability of a 2.5L oil capacity, perfectly suited for SAE 10W-30 oil. Its dimensions of 655x580x640 mm and a weight of 55 kg reflect its robust nature, ready to take on challenges with grace. The CPV1000-1 doesn’t just meet standards; it sets them. It proudly adheres to CE, EC(V), EPA, and CARB standards, assuring you of its commitment to excellence.

Venture beyond the ordinary with the CPV1000-1, a versatile engine that doesn't just power lawn mowers but opens doors to a world of possibilities. From light utility vehicles to portable industrial generators, pressure washing systems to water pumps for irrigation, and even marine applications in small crafts—the CPV1000-1 is your ticket to efficient, reliable, and high-powered performance across diverse domains.