37hp Horizontal Shaft Engine - Heavy Duty Filter

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  • Type Horizontal Shaft Engines
  • SKU CPH1000-2

The CPH1000-2 stands as a robust 37hp V-Twin engine, equipped with a heavy-duty air filter tailored for dusty conditions and featuring an electric start for user convenience. It is meticulously engineered with complete commercial-grade construction, boasting a durable build and a cast iron cylinder liner. With a substantial 999cc displacement and a powerful 24 kW/37 hp rating, this engine is designed for high-capacity, versatile use.

Highlighted by a 90x78.5 mm cylinder bore and a 1 1/8" keyway crankshaft, the CPH1000-2 delivers efficient and potent performance across a spectrum of applications. Generating a maximum torque of 71 N.m and maintaining an idle speed of 1650±150 r/min, it is well-suited for various heavy-duty industrial, construction, and commercial tasks. The engine features a 2.5L oil capacity, compatible with SAE 10W-30 oil.

With dimensions measuring 605x585x560 mm and a weight of 54 kg, the CPH1000-2 complies with CE, EPA, and EC(V) standards. Positioned as a reliable alternative, the CPH1000-2 serves as an excellent replacement for engines like the Kohler 27hp and Vanguard 23 & 27hp models.