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COX Mowers and Garden Equipment have earned an esteemed reputation over nearly seven decades. Our lawn mowers are meticulously engineered for long-lasting performance, demonstrating resilience that stands the test of time. Built to endure Australia's unforgiving conditions, our robust mowers and garden equipment are expertly crafted to tackle even the most demanding tasks with ease.

Australian Owned And Operated

In the 1950s, engineer and inventor Owen Cox laid the foundation for our ride-on mowers cutting Australians’ grass, bushlands and lawns ever since.  By attentively considering people's requirements for a mower, Owen conceptualised and manufactured the pioneering Australian-made ride-on lawn mower, renowned as the COX MowMobile. 

Ever since that momentous creation, our commitment to excellence has remained unwavering. Continuously surpassing our customers' expectations and demands, we persistently engineer mowers that embody Owen's visionary mindset. As we expand our extensive range, his legacy continues to shine through in every model we produce.

What makes us special?

Mark shares our Extensive Range!

Discover the power of the Compact ZTR 35

COX Mowers Warranty Seal offering a 5 year warranty guarantee on all lawnmowers COX Mowers 5 year warranty guarantee on all walk behind mowers, ride on lawn mowers, chippers and shredders as well as zero turn and stand on mowers

Embrace Our 5-Year Industry-Leading Warranty!

Total Confidence Guaranteed: Our COX mowers boast exceptional design, engineering, workmanship, and premium materials, backed by an industry-leading five-year warranty.* It's that simple!

COX Mowers LED nightlight for the Stockman Pro ride on lawn mower image COX Mowers graphic showing the Stockman Pro Ride On Mower's LED Nightlight

Light up your life with our LED Light Bar

Embrace the Night: Mow with Confidence using Stockman Plus and Pro Mowers! Equipped with an LED Bar for Effortless Night Mowing.

COX Mowers Commercial Series Approved_by_Jock graphic with Mark Larkham and his dog Jock sitting on a COX Mowers ride-on mower on a green lawn with trees in the background COX Mowers Approved_By_Jock banner_Mobile version

Approved by Jock!

Bring your four-legged friend along for the ride!  Explore our ZTR's and Standing mowers, fit for man and furry companions alike.

COX Mowers_Genuine_Spare_Parts graphic Genuine_COX Mowers_Lawn_Mower_Parts_Mobile

Genuine COX lawn mower parts

When it comes to lawn mower parts, there's no compromise on quality. For your peace of mind, rely solely on genuine COX parts and accessories. These parts have earned the trust of a vast network of over 400 national dealers. When it's about making the right choice, there's only one option: Genuine COX parts.

COX Mowers Cut_the_crap_seriously graphic with Mark Larkham sitting on a Cox Ride-On Mower with a Vertical Chipper in the background COX Mowers Grass_Cutting_Machines_banner Mobile version

Grass cutting machines!

Our lawn mowers are expertly engineered with impact-absorbing swing-back blades and sturdy steel construction, perfect for tackling various grass cutting conditions. Whether you're dealing with thick lawns or uneven terrain, our mowers are up to the task.

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COX Commercial Equipment

Our range is an efficient solution for contractors looking for a tough, reliable yet simple machine that’s maintenance-friendly for those on-the-go.

Our mowers are designed for ultimate performance and longevity.

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