Water Pump Sewage Series 2 - 3"

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Introducing the CPS20 2” Open Impeller Sewage Pump, a game-changer in wastewater management! With its Silicon Carbide shaft seals, this pump is virtually indestructible, capable of handling up to 14mm solids with ease. Need to move dirty water or soft mud? No problem! With a blazing 583 litres per minute flow rate, you'll tackle the toughest jobs on just one tank of fuel.

Powered by the mighty CPH200 engine, this pump is ready to take on any challenge. Its centrifugal/open impeller design delivers an impressive flow rate of 35,000 litres per hour and a head lift of 25 metres. From residential septic systems to industrial sewage lift stations, this pump does it all.

And don't forget about peace of mind! With Cox Power's industry-leading 4-year warranty for both commercial and domestic use, you can trust that the CPS20 2” Open Impeller Transfer Pump will be there when you need it most.