Water Pump Fire Series 1.5 - 2"

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Get ready to ignite your firefighting spirit with the CP15S 1.5” Fire Pump – the ultimate weapon against flames and the champion of water-moving prowess! Engineered with state-of-the-art Silicon Carbide shaft seals, this pump is built to withstand the scorching heat of battle, offering unparalleled wear resistance and durability.

With an impressive 55 meters of pressure at the head, the CP15S is more than just a pump – it's a firefighting powerhouse that's ready to tackle even the fiercest of infernos. Whether you're fighting fires or pushing water over pipelines, this pump's got the 'get up and go' to handle the job with ease, effortlessly moving larger volumes to quench even the most voracious flames.

But that's not all – our easy-to-start engine and rugged design provide peace of mind and reliability when you need it most. Backed by Cox Power's industry-leading 4-year warranty, you can trust the Inferno Blaster to deliver top-notch performance, whether you're battling blazes on the front lines or safeguarding your home and property.

Featuring the mighty CPH225 engine, this pump is as versatile as it is dependable, making it the perfect solution for a wide range of high-demand applications. With 7.5 horsepower and 12.5 Nm of torque, it ensures efficient operation and unstoppable performance. With a maximum flow rate of 18,000 litres per hour and a head lift of 55 metres, the CP15S is your ultimate ally in the fight against fire, irrigation challenges, and industrial needs.