Water Pump Transfer Series 1 - 2"

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"Introducing the CPUP10 1” Transfer Pump, your compact powerhouse ready to conquer any water-moving challenge. Crafted with a lightweight and ergonomic design, this marvel of engineering ensures portability meets performance wherever you roam. With a robust flow rate of 133.3 L/minute, it's a force to be reckoned with, swiftly tackling water or diesel transfers with ease, whether you're on the farm, in the pool, the garden, or anywhere else your adventures take you.

Underneath its sleek exterior lies the heart of the beast: a 31 cc S35 engine, versatile and efficient, ready to take on any water transfer challenge with finesse.

Designed to deliver efficiency and reliability, the CPUP10 offers a maximum flow of 8,000 L/hr and a head lift of 29 meters, making it the perfect companion for a variety of situations. From domestic chores to commercial applications, the CPUP10 seamlessly blends portability with performance, ensuring you're always ready to tackle the task at hand with confidence."