Professional Cylinder Mower

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  • Type Professional Cylinder Mower
  • SKU M17B-9BL

For those enthusiasts who know the difference between cutting grass and cultivating lawns (and secretly want to be a bowling green curator) our built for life Professional range of cylinder mowers have the most advanced features to provide a perfectly smooth cut every time!

Timeless design, precision engineered, all steel construction protected with hard wearing powder coating, cutting widths from 14" to 25", powered by world class Briggs & Stratton four stroke engines and the option of three high tensile blade cutting systems will satisfy and discerning lawn connoisseur.

Cylinder Mower Benefits

  1. 30-50L capacity all steel catchers.
  2. Long life, sealed bearings with grease nipples mounted in cast iron housings.
  3. Steel front roller.
  4. Differential split ribbed rubber rear drive roller for perfect traction.
  5. Easy engage centrifugal clutch, driving blades and movement.
  6. Micro height adjuster 5-35mm.