Water Pump Chemical Series 2 - 3"

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Introducing the CPC20 2” Open Impeller Chemical Poly Pump – your ultimate partner for handling corrosive liquids with ease! With its Viton seals and open impeller design, this pump is ready to tackle even the toughest chemical applications.

Need to move salty water or common chemicals on today's busy farms? With a mighty 583 litres per minute flow rate, you'll be able to handle large volumes on just one tank of fuel, saving you time and hassle.

Equipped with the reliable CPH225 engine, the CPC20 is a versatile and efficient solution for the chemical processing industry. Its centrifugal/open impeller design delivers a maximum flow rate of 35,000 litres per hour and a head lift of 25 metres, perfect for transferring, circulating, and dosing chemicals in a variety of sectors including mining, water treatment and pharmaceuticals.

And with Cox Power's industry-leading 4-year warranty for both commercial and domestic use, you can trust that the CPC20 2” Open Impeller Chemical Poly Pump will deliver reliable performance when you need it most.