26hp Horizontal Shaft Engine - Fuel Injection

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  • Type Horizontal Shaft Engines
  • SKU CPH680-3

The CPH680-3 engine is a high-performance unit tailored for diverse applications. With a robust 679cc displacement and an impressive power output of 14.5 kW/26hp, this engine is meticulously crafted for efficiency and strength. Engineered with a 78x71 mm cylinder bore and a 1” keyway shaft, it ensures optimal and powerful performance.

Operating at a maximum output speed of 3900 r/min, the engine generates a torque of 45 N.m, establishing its reliability for industrial, construction, and commercial use. Offering versatile starting options, including Recoil, E-start, and Fuel Injection, the engine ensures user-friendly operation.

With a 1.5L oil capacity suitable for SAE 10W-30 oil, the engine is not only designed for power but also for fuel efficiency, boasting a specific fuel consumption rate of ≤370 g/kW - h. Compact in size, measuring 550x550x530 mm, and weighing 43.5 kg, the CPH680-3 adheres to CE, EPA, EC(V), and CARB standards.

Serving as an excellent replacement for models like Honda GX630/GX690/iGX700/iGX800 and Briggs & Stratton 22.5 PXI Pro Series, this engine stands as a versatile and reliable choice for various applications.