The Best components of #LoveCinema with eHarmony

The Best components of #LoveCinema with eHarmony

To commemorate the brand spanking new popcorn-themed TV advert, we have been delving into the industry of cinema with our #LoveCinema campaign. Discover our very own round-up of one's favourite articles, guidelines to matchmaking in addition to movies.


The Silverspoon self-help guide to London Date Nights: every night within flicks

Angie from fabulous London way of life weblog SilverSpoon London offers the run-down of the woman top cinema picks for online dating in London.


15 reasons why you should Date a star

There's really no have to be dubious about dating an actor. After all, Shakespeare blogged we're all stars in life's fantastic play – and then he would understand, would not he? Actors are fun, natural and also in touch making use of their emotions. But that is only a few – discover exactly what makes online dating an actor that little more fascinating.



Leading enchanting separate cinemas in the united kingdom

Pic credit score rating: Will Martin

‘Romantic' and ‘multiplex' don't remain well collectively. Thankfully, you can still find enough separate cinemas providing a substitute for the popular.  These quirky image residences make for great dates, offering interesting movies in frequently sumptuously stylish options.

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Movie offers not to say on a primary big date

Its fun quoting films. Not always fun for people who have to listen – especially if they don't really understand the research. While we can't tell you which quotes are fantastic for very first dates, we surely can inform you which have beenn't

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eHarmony visits the films

Love! Cameras! Action! This thirty days, determined by our great new eHarmony advert, we apply our basic bloggers occasion with a cinema testing of classic rom com The Shop on the horizon.

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See reviews of the evening from a few of our favourite London writers – Angela in the embarrassing Blog and Sarah of Prosecco Diaries.

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